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Blue Bang Media and Entertainment has a strong core focus on Entertainment media campaigns and brand alliances with entertainment led properties.

Driven by a team of experienced media and entertainment marketing professionals we have swiftly cemented our position as one of the leaders in entertainment marketing with break through campaigns for movies and entertainment properties.



Media Planning :

Blue Bang Media and Entertainment provides clients with services in media planning and execution of customised media plan for entertainment content, taking into consideration the media environment, genre,TG,demographics etc.

Our expertise in media planning gets you an increasing in the reach and frequency, giving the best return on investment for the media campaigns.

Our strategic channel partnerships and good working relation with all the channel networks ensure the smooth implementation of the media campaign of movie promotions, music promotions, branded content and co-branded alliances.


     Entertainment Buying for:

     Movie Promotions

     Music Promotions

     Home Video

     Co-Branded Alliances

Media Marketing :

A close working relation with channels and network partners enable us to provide the clients with content tie-ups on the on-going high rated TV shows and also create innovative content, giving the promotional campaign the right platform for a larger reach on mass media.

Brand Integration :

A co-branded campaign enables the brand to leverage the characteristics of the movie, star value and the attributes of the story. Tapping on to a ready consumer\fan base for the product is what an effective co-branded campaign aims to achieve. A strategically planned and creatively executed co-branded campaign is the most impactful tool to increase the brand presence in the mind of the consumer.

An undiluted attention is the most valuable thing a brand can get from its consumer; nowhere does a brand stand the most chance of getting the same other than an in-film placement. A connect highlighting the brand attributes, instant positioning and increased marketing ROI is the power of a product placement in a film.

AFP or advertiser funded program is a platform for the brand to create a personality in the consumer’s mind space by creating unique content which is entertaining ,engaging and also serves as a base for the brand to build its positioning and core communication.
A true clutter breaking branding concept which sends your brand scores through the roof. A feature film which entertains and engages the consumer can also get everyone talking about your brand. Contact us to know how we can tell your brands story / communication through a feature film.

Syndication Content :

Blue Bang Media and Entertainment provides syndication services for entertainment content across all platforms for e.g. Online rights, music rights etc. Our expertise lies in linking you with the right distributors across India to create better and transparent monetisation of your content.




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